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Servi Project

Floresta neighborhood, Porto Alegre

Because life is worth a lot. Ever.

The Servi Project assists women aged 15 to 59 in situations of unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, and/or who have experienced abortion, providing opportunities for self-knowledge, overcoming psychosocial vulnerabilities and strengthening family bonds, in a welcoming and judgment-free environment. .

A place to rediscover your worth

Stories resignified

"I got pregnant when I was 32 and arrived at Servi thinking about donating the baby, because I was depressed.
Today I don't want to donate it anymore, I want it all for myself. I learned to love her.


"I got pregnant when I was 16 and arrived at Servi through my sister-in-law. I was desperate.
Here they gave me all the support and support I needed.
Today I continue studying and will go back to work to support my daughter.


"I arrived at Servi through a referral, with a cry for help. I was isolated from everyone, with deep depression and wanted to give up my son.
I started attending workshops and at each meeting I was welcomed and felt important. I was strengthened and today I enjoy attending Servi. In the most difficult moment of my life, where I had no support from anyone, Servi was there for me."


These are real stories of women assisted by Servi in the year 2023. You can see more about the day-to-day care on our social networks.

We work by bringing hope for a future and a new look at ourselves.

In addition to being a pro-life NGO, we work primarily with women who are often in crisis after discovering an unexpected pregnancy.

Our mission is to bring a new meaning of femininity to these women, to develop self-love, and thus love the life they are creating.

I want to contribute!

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