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Sabiá Project

Flores Island, Porto Alegre

New flights, new life.

The Sabiá project assists children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability and risk, in regions of extreme poverty, promoting awareness-raising, informative and socializing actions, with a view to building and reconstructing the individual, to act in society with social and ethical values, so that be protagonists of their lives and have quality perspectives and experiences.

Workshops held

Workshops on literacy, logical reasoning and spirituality, cultivating essential skills for the modern world. Together, we nurture curious minds and compassionate hearts, empowering the next generation with tools to grow as conscious, creative leaders.
Arts and music workshops that inspire personal expression, develop artistic skills and promote confidence.
Together, we unlock artistic potential and provide an enriching and fun education.
Judo workshops that combine technical learning, discipline values and self-confidence.
Together, we cultivate physical and mental skills while building champions for life.

Place where hope is born

Sabiá changed my life.
Here I learned to dream, to study, to want to have a future and a profession.
I love this place.


The Sabiá Project taught me to be more courageous, independent and to express myself better in society.
It also taught me to value the simplest things,
and showed me that I am capable of making all my dreams come true and achieving all my goals.
I also learned to be more patient with people.
The Sabiá Project is a big family, it is with us in good times and bad, thank you Sabiá Project



We have been present on Flores Island for over 10 years

Reframing stories, bringing hope and a new way of seeing the world.

We serve children and adolescents aged 6 to 15 , inserting a broad and diverse reality into their lives, to expand their horizons, making a better future possible and bringing dignity to these stories.

I want to contribute!

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